Online Personal Training*

If you are not in the Upstate New York area, online fitness coaching is available by application only. All inquiries to or see our Pregna-Fit Online page for more details.

*Online training is available for women trying to conceive (TTC), in all stages of pregnancy, and up to 5 years postpartum.

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Postpartum Personal Training

The weeks and months following having a baby involve just as many (if not more) physical and emotional changes as the 9 months of pregnancy. The best way to regain your fitness is by working with your body in order to ensure that core and pelvic floor rehabilitation take priority. "Postpartum" training can last from 4 weeks - 9 months depending on frequency, dedication, and desired results. Nutrition plans for mothers who are breastfeeding may vary. Complimentary consultations are available. Babies are ALWAYS welcome! 
Postpartum training will include:
*Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) Assessment
*Core & Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
*Progressive Resistance Training Programs

Personal Training during Pregnancy

If you prefer to work 1-1 with a trainer during your pregnancy, I also offer flexible scheduling and programming that will adapt as needed as your body changes throughout your 40 weeks. Personal training is safe to begin at any stage of your pregnancy as long as your obstetrician or midwife is aware that you are exercising. Private training provides you with the opportunity to focus on specific elements of fitness including flexibility and strength in order to combat aches and pain associated with pregnancy. 

Personal training prices vary depending on frequency and time commitment. Please email for options.

Private Training